Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last week was stake conference. It was a great weekend- the adult session Saturday night was just what we needed. Elder Bowen from the First Quorum of the Seventy spoke. He talked about personal revelation and how important it is in our life. I left feeling grateful for prayer and a Heavenly Father that knows me and cares about me. I could go on and on about that meeting but I wrote it in my personal journal already... So Sunday morning 20 minutes into Stake conference a friend of ours came and got us out of the meeting "hey Ashlee, your car has been broken in to." It was the worst feeling. I knew right then and there my purse was stolen. Right before the meeting I saw my purse sitting on the front seat and the thought came into my mind "Take your purse" and I obviously didn't listen. Anyway, I came up to the car and this is what I saw. A guy from another ward came up to me. He explained that he saw a guy that was wearing jeans looking in the cars- people that go to our church generally don't wear jeans.  The guy saw that this man saw him so he got in his car and drove off. Luckily, the guy from church wrote down his information and walked around where he was and saw that our car was broken into. He called the police and they were on their way. I will forever love this man. The police came, checked out our car and took our information. We immediately cancelled all my credit cards and went back in to church. We got a call 30 minutes later saying they caught the guy. Drew went and met the police, got my purse back and all our gift cards but the guy tossed my credit cards and license. All in all it turned out to be ok. The guy spent 60 dollars that should be reimbursed and we had to get new cards and license and a new window. It could have been so much worse, Can you imagine if our now friend was not there to witness any of this and 2 hours later we come out of church to find this? Like I said we were lucky!