Monday, July 20, 2015

Random happenings.

Mac at his first pinewood derby. He did everything by himself- drew and I really dropped the ball. But his car did great-it took third place in the wolf den.

Annie helping me stretch after my morning run. 

Headbands anyone?! 
Walt spit up on her....

The kids woke up sick so we stayed home from church and did early valentines crafts. 

2 months old

A picture of Mac on the left and gray on the right. I think he's a complete mix of the two! 

Walt's first hair cut- no more mullet! 

Somebody woke up from his nap! 

2 month check up, Weight- 13.8 90% height 25 inches > 95%

He's a dream- if all babies were like Walt, I'd have 20. 
Have mentioned this wrap?! Walt lives in it and it's life changing!!

The first snow of the year

We've had a super warm winter thus far. No coats kind of winter until today. Temperatures dropped and we got our first big snowfall- 6". Annie had a PJ birthday party at a friend's house down the street. Since the streets were not in great condition, we bundled up and walked down to the Hymas' house.,

The Hills come to visit!

The boys could not wait to see each other! 

We miss this family so much!!!! They stayed 6 days with us and it felt like they had never moved. We had a girls night, played games, ate and ate and went to a UK game. 

Sweet Lydia and Walt 

6wks - 7 wks old

Walt our dream baby. At this point he's sleeping great. Usually sleeping until 5am but I'll shortly find out that this was just a phase and returned to sleeping horribly. I enjoyed it while it lasted. He's a super content baby- my easiest so far. 

People have been asking how each child is handling Walt and this picture answers their question. Annie- is obsessed and is constantly asking to hold and kiss him. It's never enough. At night she prays " please bless mom to let me walk with Walt." 😳Gray is the unconventionally toucher,  either pushes on his stomach, squeezes his cheeks or just pokes him- ha (all with love) And Mac just likes to look at Walt and is super gentle with him.

Annie girl turns 4?

This girl is one crazy fun ride! How can put into words what Annie is right now?! She's all about the baby. Loves her baby Walt. She loves her brothers and will do just about anything to get them to play with her. She's helpful, and likes to clean when I'm cleaning. Loves to be involved in everything. Loves play dates, Sophia the first (TV show), top roman and chocolate. This girl has so much personality it's hard for her to contain it all! I love my little Annie girl!!! 
All she wanted was a purple castle cake with blueberries. How did we do?! 

Opening presents as a family 

I threw Annie a tea party birthday for her and herfriends. It was a little crazy but had fun eating lunch, decorating cup cakes and playing freeze dance.