Sunday, May 10, 2009

the Last day...

These were the fastest 10 days ever. I felt like everyone had just arrived and yet it was the last day before they flew out. Since it was a beautiful day we decided to spend Monday up at Shaker Ville.

We saw two frisky cows.

Uncle Jed threw the boys up in the air.

We ate lots of taffy and caramels.

We enjoyed walking around the village.

We got photographed for The Midwest Living Magazine. Look for us in the Spring 2010 edition.
Thanks for visiting. We loved every minute you were with us! Can't wait to see you in two weeks.

New Fireplace

When I said we put them to work I really meant it. We haven't liked our fireplace and we knew it would be expensive to pay someone to replace it, so we waited until Beej came to visit and totally used his expertise. Here's the before picture(black, square, marble tiles)...

The project ended up being a bigger mess than expected but isn't it usually:)

the after...

We love it!!! we just need to do one more layer of paint on the mantle and it will be perfect. Thanks beej and jed for working so hard on it. We owe you guys!