Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A hike

Drew had church meetings on a Saturday and I was itching to get out so I took the kids to raven run to hike around. We found a new hike and it was absolutely beautiful! 

We found some natural water slides that needed some more water to really work but still had fun- Annie is just in her underwear but looks naked. 

Right about here, the sky went dark and dumped buckets of water on us. As we ran through the woods we could see the fireflys- it was magical. We laughed and ran until we got to the nature building. We thought we would wait the storm out but saw that it wasn't going to end anytime soon so we made a run for it. We were drenched but what a memory! We all wished drew could had been there with us. 

Baby number 4

This baby Boy has already taught us a lot about life. He has taught us more about patience, love, hope and faith. We have been praying for this little guy and when I got pregnant we've had a few scares that again turned us to prayer and our faith. I'm grateful for this little baby, he's  brought drew and I closer to eachother and to our Heavenly Father. We can't wait to welcome him to our family in November! 

When we told the kids that the baby was a boy, the boys were excited and Annie started crying "but I told you I wanted a sister!" Me and Annie were positive it was a girl. This pregnancy has by far been my hardest. I was sick and sooo tired all the time! I could have slept all day and still feel like I could use more sleep. Now that I'm 20 weeks, I'm feeling better and almost back to my normal self. Pregnancy is a sacrafice for the whole family but totally worth it! 

G turns 6

For grays 6 the birthday he wanted a mad scientist party. We invited 10 of his friends and waited for the big day - this was the hardest part:) the party was crazy! The kids all got their own goggles and we did experiments with them. It was a hit! 

G's birthday fell on Father's Day this year. Mac and gray sang a duet in church/ it ended up being a solo by Mac but he did great- we were really proud of them! 
It's fitting that gray was born on Father's Day. He is a daddy's boy. Drew knows how to settle him down and when gray hasn't seen drew for a couple of days ( due to late meeting or out of town) he gets irritable and quite difficult to be around. He needs his dad. 

Gray is such a funny kid. Loves telling jokes but can't get the words out cause he's laughing so hard. He can make friends easily. When you first meet gray he's shy but shortly after getting to know him, he'll talk your ear off. I love this kid so much. So glad he's in our family! 


Badmitten on a Sunday evening. 
Memorial Day bike ride on Legacy trail. Drew pulled Annie in the tag along bike and the boys did awesome! Who knew they could bike 7 miles! 

Lunch with friends at Wallace station. 
Boys playing Pokemon cards with Joseph. 

The last day if school I went to macs class presentation. He and a couple students wrote a play. He did awesome! 
Finally!!! The last day of school! 
Annie walking into the library. Mac says "mom, I know why Annie likes wearing her princess shoes, they make her feel like a woman!" Oh boy and I think he's right. 
This is Annie's "who likes Costco?! I do!!!" Face. 
Mac was running around the house and slipped on the tile and hit his head on the entry table. He doesn't do well with blood at all. We called uncle Jed and decided to just clean it up and let it heal. When i was washing out the cut Mac kept saying "I can be brave, I can be brave" over and over again between sobs. When i finished he said " make sure you thank uncle Jed." He really is the sweetest boy. 
G's tball team dinner 
At the Chukdrens garden 
G's last games they came in second. It was a long but fun season! 

Baby beach- searching for crabs 

On the way home we stopped at a fish shack...

Later that night my parents watched the kids so the adults could go out for dessert... Yum! 

Eagle beach- Mac found a sand dollar. 

Lucy adores Mac. 

We had such a great time in Aruba. Loved spending time with family and seeing a new country but could do without the sad goodbyes and delayed flights. We ended up getting home at 4 in the morning. 

Downtown Aruba- my kids have never been around a telephone before and were fascinated with this phone booth. 
Annie abd Lucy are one in the same. These girls got along so well, making sand pizzas and rolling in the waves. 

We took a boat out to snorkel in reefs and around a sunken ship. Very cool, proud of the kids for trying it. Mac stayed out the whole time but Annie and gray got nervous and came in just as soon as they could.