Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's been a long day and it's only 4:00 pm. This morning we woke up early, Nancy came and got the kids. Drew and I headed off to his office to do a little decorating and then I went to Jury duty orientation. Yes, I have been selected to do Jury duty. The judge was kind enough to only make me do 4 days which I got to pick. I guess she pitied my children and my friends that would be taking them. I left the court feeling lucky and just plain happy that I was guaranteed only 4 days away from my boys. Pray that the cases that are going April 12-15 get settled or dismissed:).

Moving on to Gray...
This kid is pretty cute and pretty dang clumsy. He trips over everything. His walking skills are similar to a 12 month old but has the confidence of a 4 year old. The last week or so he's added some major scars to his face. The first, I'm warning you this picture is pretty gross but as you can see he's healed nicely.

This is what happens when you rock a kitchen table chair back and forth and fall forward with it.
Instead of putting his hands out to catch himself, he just smacked his face on the floor. There was blood everywhere and I thought he had broken his nose. But after a nice ER visit we found out he did not and only had a deep gash under his nose. It's amazing what you can find by just cleaning off the blood:) They derma glued it shut and he's left with only a little scar.
The bruise above his eye is from tripping and going head first into the coffee table. This is an example of many bruises on his face.
And most recently this beauty! We were outside doing yard work and he tripped and landed on a rock! Seconds after falling he was up and running around, happy as can be. I've said this before but we are lucky Gray is such an easy going, happy, tough kid.

I asked Mac to go check on G and this is what I found...

They thought they were pretty funny!

Here's some pictures from a birthday party we went to for one of Mac's friends. They loved it.