Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma Rita comes to visit and a very sad goodbye

The past 4 months have flown by. When Annie first came out I thought "Ok, August is far away I hope we both enjoy this summer." I can't speak for Annie but we thoroughly enjoyed having her live with us. We are missing her terribly. Lucky for us my mom is coming in today to soften the blow.Top 10 reasons why we loved having Annie here...

10. We never had to put Mac to bed. He slept in Annie's room every night.

9. She was a great running partner. Even the sweat in her eyes couldn't stop her:)
thanks to Nancy that shouldn't be a problem anymore

8.Drew had to wear clothes

7.She would sit in the back of the car with the kids

6. She was so easy to blame things on

5. She entertained the kids constantly

4. She made us look taller

3.Drew rarely had to help around the house

2. She's such a push over you could make her do anything

1. She loves our kids almost as much as we do

We are not the only people that will miss Annie. Our little running group, the valiant 9 class, and all her friends she made here will miss her too. In the little time Annie was here she made a big impact on our Tates Creek ward. We love you Annie!!!!

While grandma Rita was here....
We canned salsa. Lexi came over to help. She loves Grandma almost as much as we do.
We ate a nice breakfast at Keeneland.

Mac's the same size as a jockey. Not really but i'm sure in a few years he'll be taller than they are.
I think the boys just loved spending time with Grandma. Mac loved taking her to the library and showing her things that he likes.

We love you both and hope you are having a great time on your road trip!!!