Monday, May 24, 2010


Have you ever had a dream/want, that didn't always make sense? For me it was chickens. Forever I wanted chickens in my backyard. I thought it would be perfect to wake up to freshly laid eggs. Now, I didn't grow up with farm animals. In fact I don't like animals. I will never own a dog or cat. I'm sensitive to smells and there's nothing worse then stepping in dog poo. So for me, wanting chickens really didn't make sense. Right? But it was a dream of mine and when I started looking into it, I thought," Why not, lets do it." So now we are the proud owners of three hens!

After much research Drew designed and built the coop.
Saturday we got the Hens from a local farm. They are 2 years old and have a lot of personality. We quickly learned that they hate cats. They freaked out when they saw one. Squawking, flying, feathers everywhere. Not good.
Frances (Rhode Island Red), Rosie (Araucana) and Sophia (Silver Laced Wyandotte). I still feel weird calling them by name. I promise I'm not a crazy hen lady.

Mac loves the chickens, Frances is his favorite .

Sophia laying her egg.
Since Saturday afternoon they've laid 5 eggs. Not too bad.

This has been quite the weekend. I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. One day Drew will love the chickens and I'll want them gone and the next it's the opposite. It's been a fun learning experience for us all!

Did I mentioned I love my husband for supporting me in everything I do and come up with? No matter how crazy or stinky it is!