Monday, December 1, 2014

Miss Annie

Oh how i love this girl. The last couple of weeks she has been so sweet and helpful. We have had a to do list a mile long everyday to do and she has worked along side me all day long. I'm going to miss our alone time. 

Annie at dance 

Her favorite thing to do with me is watch cooking shows- pioneer woman is her favorite:) 
She gives great back scratches 
Loves taking in the garbage cans 
It's been cold here but that didn't stop us from walking to our friends house giving them "thank you" cookies. 

Fall fun

A night at Kelly farm 

Annie's dance Halloween party 
For Halloween this year the kids found and came up with their own costumes. 
It's was COLD cold Halloween night, only went trick or treating for 40 minutes. 
The crazy Halloween house 
G still continues to wear his Harry potter glasses. Doesn't he look cute? 

Mac's 8!!!

Mac turning 8 was an emotional day for me. I woke up crying just thinking about it and had to leave church early cause I couldn't control my tears. I'm blaming it on the pregnancy.... Mac is such a special boy. He is one that noctices everyone and wants to make everyone feel loved. Me and drew tried our best to prepare Mac for this big decision and day by having FHE's on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. We were consistant on family scripture study and prayers.  After we would do any of these things we would look at eachother and say "were we this ready?" Mac has a thirst for knowledge and has prepared himself to be baptized, I feel like Mac makes our job as parents easy and I think that's why I was so emotional. Our job as parents is far from over but a part of us is letting him go. I'm so proud of Mac! 

The Hills came to his baptism 

Utah part 2

My kids love these cars at grandma Rita's.  Mac is almost too big for them! 

Hiking up AF canyon- utah's fall was spectacular this year so we tried to head up the mountains as much as possible

Dave and Taylor's wedding

The wedding was absolutely perfect! They were sealed in the salt lake temple and the reception was at Wodley Farm. We love Taylor and are so excited to have her in our family. 

While we were in the temple aunt Annie was sweet enough to come watch our kids for us. They explored temple square and did not want to come back to us;)