Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring time in Kentucky

I'm sure Kentucky is the prettiest place in the spring! Winters here, blah. Summers, blah but spring and fall are spectacular. This spring has not disappointed. The weather has been perfect-during the week. The flowers and blossoms, breathtakingly beautiful. We have tried to spend every minute outside soaking up the sun before the humidity kicks in and bugs take over.


-Naps outside
-Finger nail painting- for Annie not G
-My lilac bush in the backyard fragrance is so strong you can smell it from inside the house, love!
- walks to the duck pond
- watching the bees do their thing, while we wait for mac's bus
- more walks/ bike rides to the pond, this time to see the ducklings. Gray made a bread trail for ducklings.
- lots of bike riding. Mac is getting the hang of it and is actually enjoying himself. Gray is our little speed demon that likes to give advice to Mac. They are both good sports and will probably get their training wheels off at the same time.

School carnival

We are coming to the end of preschool for gray! I'm dieing, he seems way too young to be done. He has loved Building Blocks Preschool and we are all going to miss it. To celebrate the end of the year the school threw a little carnival for the kids, there was a bubble station, basket ball hoops, blow up castle, sand station, snow cones and my favorite, face painting- which didn't turn out so well for Gray:). There was more but these stations are the ones my kids hit up. We had a great night!