Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random happenings...

Blackberry picking and blackberry crumble

Found a huge caterpillar eating our tomato plants 

Annie loves cleaning beside me. "Ill wipe it up!"
Legends game
Off to church 
Waiting for the boys to get off the bus 
Annie is a crazy shopper. She runs around grabbing anything in her sight. She is a true nightmare for any store employee. 
Family bike ride 
Annie's first day of joy school which I taught! We had a blast- it's going to be a great year! 
Big girl bed for Annie! She's been sleeping through the night ever since she got the bed. 
Boosterthon run. Mac thought it was so rude that everyone littered so he cleaned it all up himself. 
Visiting Kelsey at the hospital! Doesn't she look great- 2 days after open heart surgery. 

Back to school!!!

Gray meeting up with his kindergarten teacher. Mrs. William's husband works with drew and they are friends of ours so we were really excited to find out that Sarai was his teacher.

First day of school...

Annie could not wait for the boys to get home from school!
The boys have loved school. The first day went smooth, Mac ran in and made himself at home while gray put on a brave face and seemed happy. The second day drew dropped the boys off at the wrong door. The car drop ladies tried to direct gray to the right door but it kind of threw him through a loop and all he wanted was drew. So he ran out to the parking lot. Well, the ladies all started yelling " stop!! Come back!" Which freaked him out even more. He started bawling, drew got out of the car and tried to calm him down. He ended up walking gray to his classroom but poor gray sat out in the hallway just crying. He ended up going in the room and his teacher tried to comfort him. About 30 minutes later we got an email from mrs, Williams saying gray was doing fine. It was a traumatic experience for both g and drew.