Friday, July 23, 2010


Last weekend was the first weekend in a long time that we had absolutely nothing to do! No church responsibilities, no meetings, no parties, nothing and it felt great. We headed downtown to the farmers market to get fresh peaches and tomatoes for me, cheese for Drew and kettle corn for the boys.
This fall The World Equestrian Games are coming to Lexington. It's the first World Equestrian Games to be held outside of Europe and it's coming here! Downtown is getting transformed and Horse Mania - the public art project, which incorporates 89 full-size horses and 50 foals decorated by local artists and Lexington school children- is in full force. In October the horses will be auctioned off to raise money.

We walked around town trying to see all the horses... This one was my favorite, a Bourbon Barrel.
Loved this one as well. Pictures of Alice in Wonderland all done in Sharpies.
some of the others...
It's been fun driving through Lexington, pointing out all the unique horses. The boys love it!

Later that night we went to the Quarter Horse Races with some friends.

People are always asking me if I'd be sad if the baby is a boy and this picture answers it for me. Absolutly not! I love my boys and to add another one would be fantastic. For the record, I'm 99% sure it's another boy, Mac thinks and hopes it's a girl and Drew thinks it looks like a boy:)
ultrasound at 10 weeks