Friday, April 30, 2010

Everything Else

April was a big month for us. We went to visit my brother in NY and then every weekend after that was filled to the max. Here's all the things that didn't fit into the other April posts...

Let's start with last weekend. I mentioned Serve the City in my last post but didn't really describe it. It's a great organization that Drew got involved with over a year ago. 6 churches and their congregations come together to serve the city twice a year. Drew has been heavily involved with all their planning (meetings every Saturday for 2 hrs and an occasional meeting during the week for the past 3 months) and has loved meeting other pastors and preachers in the area. In fact Brother Mosely from the Mt. Calvary Baptist church prayed for Drew when he found out we Mormons have a lay ministry (don't get paid), "Please bless Drew cause he's the only one not getting paid for this":) It's been a great way to have other churches get to know our faith and realize we're not so bad:)

Saturday was the big service day and we met at Crossroads Christian Church. Despite the rain 600 people showed up and over 160 were from our ward and another 100 from the neighboring wards. We got shirts, were assigned to a service project and then the Mayor and our President of the Lexington LDS stake, Pres. Lindmark, spoke to us.

We were assigned to clean up Kirklevington Park while Drew was in charge of the food drive and cleaning up a cemetery.
A couple of days before, city workers cut down all the dead branches in the park and then we hauled the branches to the road so they could be picked up. It was HARD work but fun to work alongside new and old friends! (thanks Angela B. for the pics)
Moving on...
A couple of weeks ago we went with some friends to Raven Run to hike around. I am proud to say Mac hiked the whole mile loop without being held once. It was a first!

Couldn't keep the kids away from the water!

Last our little Gray...

This kid cracks me up. Gray got our boggle game, took all the dice out, then put them in the boggle grid, then lined them up. Repeat. For an hour, no joke! All the while making this cute concentrated face. Love him!
So there you have it the last of the wonderful month of April!