Friday, September 18, 2009

He's old enough to go to Preschool?

Yesterday was Mac's first day at My School Preschool at Southside Christian Church of Christ. He was so excited to go. We woke up a little late, I hurried and made him a lunch, got him dressed, forgot to comb his hair and scrambled to get G ready to go. Couldn't find Mac's shoes so he wore his bright green flip flops which didn't match his outfit. Not the ideal morning for a big day like this. What can I say, we are not morning people and being late just isn't an option so things get sacrificed like Mac's hair and shoes:)

Smile it's you're first day of School...
Ok, even though you're not looking at the camera it's still a smile:)

Look at my little brutes. Gray with a gash above his eye (fell on a roller skate) and Mac with fat, split lip (slipped in puddle in our garage). Boys are so much fun!
Mac in his Apple Dumpling class. Still not wanting to look at the camera but really happy to be at school. Lindsay and Maddy from church are in his class too.
Now for a nice morning with just Me and Gray.