Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We were lucky enough to spend Memorial Day in Utah with my family. Thursday night we flew out to Utah, woke up Friday and slowly made our way to St. George stopping at the Orem, Edgemont, Payson, Oak City, Delta and finally Sutherland Cemetery. I would be lying if I said I was excited to decorate relatives graves all day Friday but it ended up being a really sweet experience.

It's always nice to visit my Grandpa McAllister's grave. He would have loved being a great grandpa.
Scott Graham posing by his name sake, Graham Brown McAllister our great, great grand father.
My great grandpa McAllsiter was a rock hunter and made some beautiful and some interesting art work out of rocks. My grandpa would tell us stories of his dad finding rare stones out in the middle of no where. I remember taking some of my Great grandpa's trilobites and Geodes to school on show and tell days. I was so proud of them.
So when we were driving to Sutherland cemetery we stopped at their house. This is the house my grandpa grew up in. It shows you how much his dad loved rocks.A Mailbox made of Geodes

My Great Grandma, Mary Luella Gray and Great Grandpa Leland G. McAllister grave stone. I wish I had a picture of both Mac and Gray with this.

The rest of the weekend consisted of: jumping on beds, laying out/ swimming, playing tennis, golfing, eating, playing baseball and reading. It was one relaxing, hot weekend!