Tuesday, May 24, 2011

family fun

After a long week- we got to spend time together as a family!!! Saturday late afternoon when all the craziness ended, we went on a family outing. First to Evans orchard and then out to dinner...

digging in the "corn box"
miss chubs!

Mac is always surprising me. He's so timid and careful but when it comes to anything that most kids are nervous about, he loves. I can't wait see him in Disneyland!
Then there's gray who jumps off anything and is a walking disaster- is terrified of the slides. - it doesn't make sense to me!

The best part of the night was that there were only 2 other families there and one of them were our friends!

After the fun at Evan's we went to Wallace Station - delicious sandwich's and desserts! We will be going back!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sunday was Mac's preschool graduation- even though he's going back to preschool next year. The kids performed a couple of songs and Mac's little class signed the pledge of the allegiance. He was so proud of himself!

Mac's cheering section- spit up and all!Gray is potty trained!!!
This week I found out a lot about Gray. He is very motivated by sticker charts, he can sit on a little toilet for 3 hours without standing up once and even if he is sitting on the toilet he can pee his pants! Not only did he potty train like a champ he no longer takes a binky at bed time! It was a big week for our G-man!Since we were potty training this week and stuck inside, I sewed a lot! I recovered my seat cushions and sewed 6 pillows. For 35$ I changed the look of my family room and made it a lot more interesting! Love a good project!

4 months

Even though Annie has only been in our family for a short 4 months it feels like she's always been here!

At 4 months...

- Annie still hates her tummy = rarely does tummy time= has not rolled over yet.

- I get away a couple times a week and it's a real treat when I come home to happy baby - she's a momma's girl!

-I'm the only one who can raise their voice around her without her freaking out.

-she's so "talkative"- coohs all day long

-She weighs 16.2 lbs 95% and is 27.5 inches long-99%

-Even though she's more dramatic than the boys were, she's been easier than the boys. It might be because she sleeps so well (10hours), or that she loves her car seat or that she's an amazing nurser:)

We love you Annie!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

the weekend

Friday night we spent apart. The boys went camping while the girls went shopping.
Can I tell you how much I love saying that?!

It was the annual fathers and sons camp out and this year Drew decided to brave the cold and actually "camp" through the night. I haven't' seen the boys this exited about anything in a long time. Mac and G had their backpacks on hours before Drew came home from work. As they drove off, Mac nervously said "Mom, you can come. Is mom coming?" I asked Mac what his favorite thing about camping was and he said "the breakfast- sausage and sunny D and playing games." He's definitely Drew's son! G's favorite thing was sleeping in the red tent. Despite the cold night they had a blast!
The boys woke up in the middle of the night and jumped in bed with Drew- love this picture!
Saturday we went to a Derby party. There were hats, "betting" and lots of yummy food!I spent way too much time making Annie's hat but she looked pretty dang cute!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I've been pretty lucky to have such wonderful women in my life that have shaped me into the person and mother I am today. Their examples have been priceless.
My mom obviously has played the biggest role in my life and everyday I try to be more like her. She's the most thoughtful person I know, she's taught me how to love and serve others. I try to be spontaneous like her and give gifts and cards to friends and family letting them know how much they mean to me. My grandmas played a huge role in my upbringing. I would spend days at my grandma Heaps house and I've picked up on some things that she did like listen to conference talks when I clean. She still listens to conference talks every night when she goes to sleep and when she cleaned her house she would watch BYU devotionals. She always found ways to invite the spirit into her home. Every Sunday we got to see my grandma McAllister. We would either go over to her house or she came to ours. But no matter where we were we played learning games or plain old card games, she always kept us entertained. I think of her when I'm teaching Mac a new game or reading to the boys. Rita is a great mom, she raised an amazing son and makes for a great mother in law. No matter what's going on in her life she always makes time to listen. I try to remember to just stop and listen to what my kids have to say.I love that I get to be a mom, it's been the biggest blessing in my life. I'm grateful for these and many other women who constantly show me how to be a better mother!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sunday... have I mentioned Drew got a new calling. Well, last December he did. I thought that this new calling would free him up. Maybe get to sit with me and the kids during church more. Nope, this calling has taken him away most Sundays and added a couple more meetings a week. It has been an adjustment but I think we are getting the hang of things. The last 2 weeks Drew has been able to go to church with us which means he could assist with taking Annie's pictures....Growing up I had a pink room and my mom would make me dress in pink clothes and I wanted none of it. I told her when I had a girl I would never, never dress her in pink. Funny how things change...
The rest of the day I sat outside watching Gray dig in the dirt- church clothes and all. Have I mentioned that Gray no longer wants to be called G. The other day he informed me that his name is Gray not G. and when he talks about himself he talks in 3rd person. "Gray wants that" and when he wakes up in the morning he yells "Mom, look who's awake, it's Gray!" But this hasn't stopped us from calling him G or GG.
The other night I went to check on Mac and found him asleep. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping child.
Monday a friend came over to show us her new dog! Isn't he adorable! It almost made me like dogs :)...
The boys kept asking me to take their picture. This one was my favorite- Gray with a nervous face and Mac doing- I have no idea what he was doing but in every picture he was holding the broom and making that face.