Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The end of May my little brother Scott returned from his mission in Italy and in a week my other little brother Dave leaves for his mission to Mexico. To celebrate the homecoming of one brother and the farewell of another, my family got together in California. We had a great week. We celebrated my mom's 53rd birthday, played on the beach, met up with some friends from KY and the highlight of the trip was spending 2 long and glorious days at Disneyland. As always I took way too many pictures. Here's a sample and if you want to read more about the trip and see many many more pictures read the post bellow....


Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth. I found myself tearing up watching my kids laugh and scream with excitement- it was pure joy!Mac and Gray were both super excited to see the characters but when we got up to them Mac hid and G ran away screaming "He's trying to eat me!"No amount of fear could keep them away from buzz! The buzz ride was their favorite too...

Between Gray and Mac they rode every single ride even tower of terror- the benefit of having large children. They really liked all the rides but were scared on every ride. They kept asking "will this ride go really fast" or "will the things get me" So when we went on the jungle cruise the boys were so nervous that something was going to get them they didn't even enjoy the easy going ride. Luckily they went on it the next day too and liked it even more!

The bugs life movie!