Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They're Married!!!!

This weekend we flew out for a quick 46 hour trip to St. George, Utah to see Jed (Drew's older brother) get married. Here's a quick report of the big event! The happy couple started their wedding day by running a half marathon! They truly are crazy runners! Marianne looked adorable dressed in white and her makeup done perfectly, she looked way too good for just running a race.

The ceremony was great and I've never seen Jed so happy!
Mac kept staring at Marianne and calling her a Princess.

Grandpa Dad and Grandpa Millar

Love these guys!!!!
Where's Mac and Gray?
They were horrible! Mac wouldn't stand still and Gray...


The wedding dinner...

3 of many pictures of Beej. The camera loves you!

There you have it; another post with too many pictures and not enough explanation:) We had a great weekend and we're just happy that we could be there for Jed and Marianne's big day!
Here's to the new married couple and a new sister-in-law to get to know!