Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

I'm mad at myself for not taking enough pictures. Maybe we'll have to reenact our Christmas festivities so I can document them.

Highlights of Christmas Eve...

Dodge-ball/ volleyball
: Saturday we reserved the church for some dodge-ball/volleyball. We invited a bunch of families, let the kids loose, blasted Christmas music and just had some good old fun.

Gingerbread houses: Later we went over to a friends house and made more gingerbread houses. These houses were pretty intense. I had to cut Drew off after 2 + hours and he wasn't nearly finished.

Chinese food: we ordered way too much take out Chinese food but ate most of it.

Skype with Elder McAllister: It was so much fun talking with Dave and the rest of the family. It was like we were all together for Christmas.The rest of the night we baked cookies. Sprinkled the lawn with Reindeer food. Read the story of Christ's birth. Opened a couple of presents and then tucked 2 very excited boys in their beds.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

It seems the Holidays just keep getting better and better. The older the boys get the more aware they are of the Christmas traditions. They helped decorate the house. Mac made a count down to Christmas chain. Breaking a link off was the first thing he did every morning, after which, he announced how many more days until Christmas. Brownie the elf made his way to Kentucky with us and we have loved him here- how am I going to get my kids to do anything once brownie leaves.?:) The boys humored me and only watched Christmas movies and shows. Everyday we looked forward to opening a present for the 12 days of Christmas, "on the 1st day of Christmas my grandparents gave to me..." Family nights were centered around the true meaning of Christmas. Retelling the stories of Jesus and discussing ways we can be more like our Savior.

I love the Christmas season and all the traditions that come with it. Especially the ones that bring my family closer together.
{12 days of Christmas}
{Gingerbread houses}
{Southern Lights}