Saturday, June 28, 2014

A night in Cincinnati

The night before we were going to fly out to Aruba, drew had an associat day in Cincinnati and the firm put us up in a hotel. Speaking of the hotel- it was new hotel that is suppose to be edgy and edgy it was. Me and Annie met the boys up in cinci and when we got to the hotel Mac had big eyes and I could tell he wanted to tell me something. Well, when we got up to the hotel room he said "mom, in the lobby there's pictures of naked people, only wearing helmets." And just to clarify they were 5 or 6 very large photographs of a man and women just staring at eachother topless. it was a good opportunity to talk about pornograohy and that it's ok if you see it, you're not bad but you shouldn't go looking for it and should avoid it and to tell mom or dad when you see it. So everytime after that when we went through the lobby Mac would put his hands around his eyes and say, " I can't see it. Not looking at it!" Ha. Hate that i had to have this talk with Mac and g when they are so young but really we live in a crazy perverted world where things like this are excepted. 

The Kentucky derby

A week before the derby Drew got an email from a friend from church who is the president of EKU asking if we would like to go to the Kentucky derby with them on millionaires row?! Ah, Yes!!! This has been a dream of drew's and I got to tag along. The food was amazing. The people watching was even better. And the energy from the crowd during the races was crazy. We had a great time! 
Church hill downs is in a terrible neighborhood in Louisville. We literally parked in the ghetto on someone's lawn and got a ride in on a golf cart. 


Well, it happened. Annie found the hair scissors  and cut her hair not once but twice. The rest of the day she would say " my hair is so beautiful!" She loved how her hair turned out- or I think she was trying to convince me it was not a bad thing;) 
G fell asleep like this...
"I'm bad!"- Annie 
Back December gray came home from school telling me needed a chorus shirt.

Me: why, you're not in chorus 
G: yes I am, I've been going every Monday morning since school started. Sometimes I'm late

This is so gray. He just does his own thing. Well, after we found out he was in chorus we got him to chorus on time;) he did an awesome job in his chorus concert!! 

Spring in lexington is breath taking 
(Saron drive) 
Annie was a trooper this spring. The soccer feilds and baseball diamonds were her home away from home and she did not complain once. Life of a little sister! 

Annie's joy school gang 
Can you tell which one is Mac? 

No front teeth for g! 

Grandpa dad and grandma Rita.

For spring break grandpa and grandma came! 

Building cars with grandpa 
Fishing with no luck at Jacobson park. 

Thursday we went to Cincinnati first stop the Lego store and then to the childrens museum. 
The rain let up enough to go to the Reds game. 

The boys were more interested in their new Legos. 
Grandpa taught the kids a new game, Bear, moose, hunter. They loved it! Annie was moose everytime;)