Thursday, September 20, 2012


I don't know if it was the city, the food or the fact we were without our kids for the first time but our trip to Boston over the weekend was magical!

Drew came home a couple of weeks ago and announced he was going to Boston for work, I immediately said, "I'm coming with you!" Drew's sister graciously came with her 3 kids and watched ours so we could have this time together- more on that later.

We enjoyed our early morning walks through the city and seeing amazing historical sites. This was Drew's first time in Boston and being a history major could not get enough of the sites- neither could I. Thanks to the rainy weather the city was empty! At meal times we parked ourselves in the upper north end - little Italy and ate the most amazing food.
It's amazing what you can do when you're not carting kids around. Saturday we did the whole Freedom Trail and saw all the sites, went and saw Fenway, shopped in Backbay, took a nap and took a train to Cambridge and walked around Harvard. All the while stopping for fun snacks and meals. Our calves and feet were killing us the next day!

Sunday we walked around the financial district and saw the site and boat where the Tea Party took place. Then we rented a car and drove up the coast to Maine; stopping in Salem, MA and Portsmouth, NH. Then headed over to Ry and Roo's home. So good to see them! Monday I said goodbye to Drew, he headed to work and I spent the morning in Boston with Roo, Suzanne (Roo's mom) and the kids.

While we missed the kids, we had a fabulous time! We will not wait another 6 years to do this again!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gray's last, first day of preschool!

 Yesterday we went and met Gray's teacher, Ms. Linda. He was not excited about going to preschool and kept telling me," mom I love you." but today he woke up excited to go and had a great first day.

Since Mac has gone to school I feel like gray has grown up a lot. He has stepped up to the big brother role. Plays well with Annie and really watches out for her. He helps me out a ton around the house but when Mac is around he doesn't help at all. The biggest change is the conversations we have. They have been hilarious.  Yesterday I asked him who his best friend was ...

Gray: " my best friend I want to marry?" 
Me: "sure, who would that be" 
Gray: " I want to marry ivy Mendez, she never steals my pencils like lily Edwards! 

Then When he got home from school he said" I asked ivy if she wanted to marry me and she said no. So I guess I'll marry lily. Mom, I just really want a girl friend!" 

Gray is always making me laugh.

  I had woken him up 10 minutes before this picture. Gray is NOT a morning person...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apple Picking

 Labor day we continued our tradition of going to Reed's Apple Orchard for their buy one bushel get one free deal. As always the orchard was primarily filled with other Mormons- we love a good deal! The rain did not scare us away, in fact it made it a little more exciting! The kids loved it. This was the first year Annie picked her own apples and she took her job very seriously!



 Look at that determination...


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raven run

Saturday we hiked raven run. Annie started in the pack but climbed out shortly after we started and hiked most of the way! The amount of energy and determination that girl has amazes me! The boys enjoyed collecting things on the hike to display at the ranger station but the highlight of the hike was a 4ft long snake !

The first 4 labor days we lived in Kentucky we hiked Raven Run. It has been fun to see how much our family changes year to year. kinda wish we would have kept the tradition going...