Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gray's last, first day of preschool!

 Yesterday we went and met Gray's teacher, Ms. Linda. He was not excited about going to preschool and kept telling me," mom I love you." but today he woke up excited to go and had a great first day.

Since Mac has gone to school I feel like gray has grown up a lot. He has stepped up to the big brother role. Plays well with Annie and really watches out for her. He helps me out a ton around the house but when Mac is around he doesn't help at all. The biggest change is the conversations we have. They have been hilarious.  Yesterday I asked him who his best friend was ...

Gray: " my best friend I want to marry?" 
Me: "sure, who would that be" 
Gray: " I want to marry ivy Mendez, she never steals my pencils like lily Edwards! 

Then When he got home from school he said" I asked ivy if she wanted to marry me and she said no. So I guess I'll marry lily. Mom, I just really want a girl friend!" 

Gray is always making me laugh.

  I had woken him up 10 minutes before this picture. Gray is NOT a morning person...


Peter & Annie said...

Gray's face in that last picture is priceless!

And Annie's pig tails in the last post are to die for!

We miss you all!!!

Rita said...

Loved the pictures, what a handsome guy! I'm sure he'll be able to find a girlfriend eventually-