Sunday, November 2, 2014

This girl and her crazy outfits! 

Drew could not drive for a month after his  surgery. He's the worst back seat driver ever! But we both survide that month. 
North limestone donuts 

Annie loves to help with dishes 

My boy is growing up! And yes he prefers to sleep on the floor of the guest room. 
Bob Ross entertains everyone 
Canned salsa 

All summer long Annie was garden duty. She LOVED picking the tomatoes. 

First day of school 

Raven run

Spent the last day of summer hiking in raven Run! 

New hip for Drew

The time came to replace drew's right hip. This year his hips have gone down hill and after an MRI the doctors thought it would be best to replace it before the hip totally fused. Our friend introduced us to a new doctor at UK who specializes in unique cases like drew's. We felt like dr. Dunkin was the best fit and we went with him. 

The surgery went perfectly and so did the  recovery. After 2 days he was off pain meds and after a week he was getting around without any help (no walker or cane) 

Drew's mom flew out to help with the kids while I was in the hospital with drew and stayed for a week. So grateful she was able to come! 

Rita and drew doing geneology:) 
Annie was our little helper...

After we dropped drew off at PT Annie and I would run errands or go on a "date" for lunch. 

We had so many people come check in on drew and bring treats. I think this was our kids favorite though. Bro. Lindmark brought over 5 pints of different kinds of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 

After 2 full weeks of working from home drew eased back into working in his office. We all really missed him and wished he could work from home more!