Monday, November 26, 2012

The Blessing of the Hounds

Saturday morning we went to the Blessing of the Hounds. This was our second time going. The first time we went, we were late and missed the priest giving the blessing but were able to stay and watch the hunt. This time we made it in time for the blessing but because of the cold we weren't able to stay for the hunt. Shaker village is picturesque and then you throw in 50 beautifully manicured horses and riders dressed to perfection, it makes for a beautiful morning.

 They naturally stood youngest to oldest.

 The Wirigs- Little Brigham in his car-seat.

Annie walked around taking pictures of the horses..."Mere, Horsies! Cheese Horsies!"

And they're off to find the fox

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Katie, beej, Emma, Ellie and baby brig came up from St. Louis, Wednesday, to spend Thanksgiving with us.

The kids have been looking forward to their visit all month.

Thanksgiving seemed so easy this year.We had the Powells over and they brought the turkey and desserts. Katie and I split the rest of the meal and the guys did the clean up. We were able to go on a long walk with the kids before lunch. When does that ever happen? The lunch itself was delicious and full of thanks. 

Annie was completely in love with Brigham and idolized Ellie- who is 8 months older than Annie but 5lbs liter:) Emma and Ellie got princess nightgowns and Annie cried for a "dress" of her own. Luckily Katie bought an extra one that was Annie's size. She LoVeS it and now has been introduced to princesses.

Friday we went to a gymnastic center so the kids could burn off some energy.

While the kids were napping beej and drew attempted to put the lights up on the house.

Gray cried and cried when we said good bye. For some reason he thought they were staying until Christmas. We were all sad to see them go. Thanks for coming wirigs!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

70 degree weather? Yes please!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


  We changed up our costumes to accommodate the colder temps and invited some families in the area over for soup and hot chocolate. The kids didn't last very long but still got plenty of candy!

Annie loved trick or treating. It was funny to hear what people thought her costume was. She got barney, a hippo, dinosaur and a dragon. What do you think she was?

 Annie insisted that Jacklyn carry her around the neighborhood

 Mac ran to house to house, trying to get as much candy as possible.
The kids and their loot

Drew reading to Annie after a long night of fun