Monday, October 26, 2009


My cousin Stacey came out for ten days and it went by fast. She was super laid back and had her own car which= an easy guest. Even with two crazy, ornery at time boys we were able to do a lot with Stace. Since Keeneland was on we went to the races. The cold rain scared everyone away so we had a smoke free afternoon:)

Drew was able to come to a couple of races.

Thanks Spacey for the pop corn. Mac was thirsty and wanted whatever the guys next to us were drinking and Stace told him it wasn't juice but Bud Wiser and Mac started yelling "I want Bud Wiser!" Not something you want your 3 year old asking for.

We went to Cincinnati. It was cold and thankfully we had just hit up the Gap Clearance Center and got hats for the boys.
Eastern KY, Red River Gorge. Nanda Tunnel comes out of no where. It's amazing.
inside the one lane Nada tunnel
Stopped to "Hike" around.

G found a Katydid which he later smashed.

I think after this trip Stacey is so thankful she's single and childless!! We had a fun 10 days, thanks Stacey for coming!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mac

Mac's day started out like this...

Then we headed out to Boyd's Orchard...

"Smile" and this is what I got:)
Gray feeding the Goats
Mac was too scared to feed the goats and did not want G to feed them either. He was crying, "No GG." and pulling him away from the goats. He's so protective with G. It's pretty cute.

Climbing the mountain of hay.

Even though Mac didn't want to go down the slide, G was all for it. He got going a little too fast and crashed at the bottom and again cut his nose. The poor thing.

Mac had a rough morning with some major tantrums. Grandpa took him outside and told him he couldn't go back inside until he promised he wouldn't scream. Mac laid down on the grass put his hands behind his head and stayed that way for 15 minutes. Then got up and said, "Ok, I won't scream." STUBBORN!
Now for the Party...
Grandma Mom got him a BYU uniform. He put it on and took off running around the house. I don't know who loved it more. Drew or Mac.

Me and Mom made a dinosaur train cake and cupcakes. When mac saw the cake he started singing the Dinosaur Train theme song.
Mac had a fantastic birthday. Thanks to all his friends that stopped by to drop off presents and wish him a happy birthday. And to the family that called and sent him presents. Everyone was so thoughtful.

My little Brother Scott who is serving a mission in Italy sent Mac a present and card. At the bottom you can see that he drew a dinosaur which Mac loved but said "Tell uncle Scotty to draw a T-rex next time." funny kid.
He got Mac a Italia T-shirt and little hippo candies.
In Italy they have a super Market chain called "Super Mac." so Scott sent us a bag and cut one out and taped it to the back of the shirt. Doesn't Mac have the cutest uncle!!!

We had a great long weekend with my parents. They came into town to once again celebrate Mac's birthday and visit the Covered Bridge craft Festival in Indiana. We tasted all the local flavors like, fried Twinkies, fried curd, fried onions, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, but we past up the fried snickers. Maybe next time. It rained the whole time but we had a great time.

When we got back to Lexington, Mac and Grandpa played dinosaurs. Which consist of Mac telling everyone what dinosaur to be and what they eat. Then they chase each other around. My dad is a great sport.
we went on a nice Sunday walk...
Stopped at the park, Gray went down all the slides like this whether we were ready for him or not. Notice the scratches and scuffed nose. The kid is crazy, running into things and tripping over everything. He is careless and fearless which is not a good combination.

But the highlight of the weekend was celebrating this little guys birthday....
I can't believe he's 3!

This past year with Mac has been a lot of fun, he has turned into a little man. I have loved watching him interact with other kids, he's a super social boy. Loves to be around people.
He talks and talks. I feel like I'm constantly telling people, "Sorry you really don't have to listen to him." He just has so much to say, especially about dinosaurs. I will have to admit it's pretty cute when he starts talking about his favorite dinosaurs and describing them. He's a smart little thing.
Mac is such a good boy with a big heart. We love you Mac!

Happy Birthday "Mac's 2" Mac's 1

Friday, October 2, 2009

My boys

I love my boys and they really do love each other too. Yes they fight. Yes they bug each other but even at such a young age I'm beginning to see the love they have for one another.

Mac is so funny lately. He talks a lot and has a way of getting what he wants. Like when we put him to bed we turn on his night light but lately it hasn't been enough so he says "Mom my dinosaurs don't like the dark." How can you say no to that? He refers to Gray as G-gers. He loves Gray and tries to make him happy for the most part. The other day G was having a tough time and Mac kept getting him Elmo and saying"Gg be happy it's Elmo."

Mac is l0ving Preschool and truth be told, so am I. I love the time with just G. It's much needed for both of us. Mac's teacher writes great comments ahout Mac's behavior like, "Very social, easy to get along with, goes with the flow, loves to sing and dance, shares well, happy guy." What more could a mom ask for? He can be a little bug for me but I'm glad that he's good for others.
Gray aka mister Destruction is walking, no running all the time. He's either climbing or running to climb on something or destroying everything. He really is a mess. He has a new scratch or bruise every day. It's bad, but luckily his baby skin has proven to heal fast. He's talking more... Elmo is still his favorite word but has started saying please and Uh oh. He thinks he's having conversations with everyone. He jabbers to about anyone about who knows what. Last night him and Mac took turns yelling at each other, you would have thought they were carrying on a real conversation. Maybe they were. I love little Gray and he really is a good boy. Very rarely cries and sleeps like a champ. He loves his dad and gets easily scared when I yell "Daddy's home" he runs to me and whimpers but when he sees Drew he yells "DADA." and jumps into Drew's arms. Drew loves having both boys hanging on him.

I love my boys!