Thursday, February 13, 2014

The longest, coldest winter

Back in January I got a call from my parents asking if it was ok if they stayed the night at our house. Yes?!!! They got bumped off their flight and had an over night lay over in Cincinnati. We didn't tell the kids they were coming. It was priceless seeing them answer the door. We went out to dinner and took a quick trip to target. My parents flew out early Saturday morning before the kids woke up. It was a great 12 hours! The kids still talk about grandma and grandpas surprise visit. 

G woke up with a lump on his neck. I freaked out but turned out to be nothing. It was gone within a couple of days. 

This winter we have had 10 snow days!!! It really has been great even if most of the days should not have been snow days. We've had record lows, record snow fall and record snow days. Its been a winter to remember. 
Looking for friends to play with. 

Sledding at the neighbors house 
Bob the snowman. Luckily drew was home to help us lift the pieces. 
Trying to break the ice and doing it. Serious fun.

Annie loves hair 
My little helper. I'm pretty sure the only reason she helps is  to get the first taste of the goods.