Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas festivities

This year was our first year doing Christmas in Kentucky all by ourselves! I think it would have been harder if I hadn't been out in Utah the week before but really, Christmas this year was pretty great. We as a family decided what we wanted to do for the day and me being my mother's daughter - I love traditions - we will now do the same thing every year that we stay home for Christmas.

Christmas Eve morning we slept in until 9:30am -boys still on Utah time and I'm loving it! Got ready and went to breakfast at a donut shop. After we finished 7 doughnuts- we headed over to the bowling alley. Mac loved it and actually did pretty well- he got an 82.
Me and G opted to sit back and cheer for Mac and Dad. Every time one of them would bowl, G would scream "YES, YES, YYYYEEEESSSSSSS!" I got it on camera but can't figure out how to get it on my computer.

After, we went to McDonald's and got home where G and Drew took long naps and me and Mac cooked and cleaned.
Later that night we enjoyed a nice dinner with just our little family. Then went out to see the Christmas lights and made cookies for Santa.
Right before bed the boys got to open their books.

Wonder why I only get candid shots of my boys? Posing does not work for them:)
Drew thought it would be fun for them to sleep in our bed together. That lasted a whole 15 minutes. Mac came out crying after G had jumped on his head- naughty little thing.

Christmas morning I woke up to 3 inches of snow. At 9 I went and woke up the boys. They were so excited to see what Santa brought them.

Gray didn't open any of his presents on his own. "Dad, Please open this."

Christmas was a success! They loved everything they got and we have been reaping the rewards since. The boys have been entertained and happy as can be.

Quick Trip to Utah

On the 10th me and the boys flew out to Utah. I was nervous flying 35 weeks pregnant with 2 crazy boys and with no help but the flight couldn't have gone better. The boys were excited to see their grandparents and they were on their best behavior.

The main reason we flew out was to see Peter and Annie get married...

The ceremony was beautiful and so was the couple.
Sisters-just missing Marianne
Millar family- minus Ben, Jed and Marianne- we missed them!
We ended up leaving cause Gray was a little snowball happy and that just made Mac not so happy
The reception...
You could find the boys watching the wedding video pretty much the whole night.
"oohing" every time the couple kissed:)
The wedding and reception was perfect and we are so excited to have another brother in the family! we love you Annie and Peter!
The week went really fast. Saturday I went to the temple with the Millars to see Annie get her endowments taken out. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had wedding things and my mom took the boys all those nights! It was so nice to have her around so I could be a part of everything. I got to see what it would be like to have family around to help and it was really nice! Thanks Mom.
While I was running around, my mom did some fun things with the boys. She got them the book "The Elf on the Shelf" It's a cute book about an elf that watched the boys all day and then at night goes back to Santa to report what he saw. Then in the morning the boys had to find the elf again. Mac and Gray loved it and so did we. Whenever they acted up we reminded them that Browny the elf was watching and they shaped up!
Friday we opened presents with my family and then Saturday before we flew out we opened presents with the Millars. We basically had 3 Christmases this year. We were totally spoiled by both families.

We loved every minute we were in Utah. It was great seeing family and being a part of Annie's wedding. Now we are home, organizing, cleaning and getting ready for our new arrival...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter is here

Every time Mac sees it snowing outside he says "Mom it's Christmas, we can open all our presents!" I'm bad and have wrapped most of their presents already and put them under the tree. The presents sit there looking pretty, taunting the boys all day long. So far they haven't attempted opening them but Mac notices if one has been moved or if a new one has been added:)
The first day it snowed G let me get him dressed warm . After that...
The minute he stepped outside, coat off, mittens off, and hat off. No wonder he has a horrible cold this week!

It was hard getting Mac to come back inside. He kept saying he was making snowballs for his snow prophets. We didn't stay outside long enough for him to complete his masterpiece so we are still wondering what exactly a snow prophet is.

For family night last week we wrote letters to Santa. Grays was quite informative...
We had the boys pick out a present for each other and Mac has yet to find a guy to punch in the face, but he's set to give G that because he really wants it!

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Yesterday my parents celebrated 31 years of marriage! This is them around their 2nd anniversary, aren't they cute?!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I love the holiday season!!! Once Halloween is over I feel like November and December fly by.
This year my family came out to be with us for Thanksgiving. My parents and Dave flew in the Saturday before Thanksgiving and didn't leave until the next Saturday. I'm pretty sure that's the longest they have stayed with us. It was fantastic!!!

Monday we went to Asheville, NC. The weather was amazing and we got some fun shopping done. Visited the Biltmore Estate...

After a long drive and a tour of the house, my clan was a little tired...

G found a nice spot in the garden to do his business

Tuesday we got home just in time to be there for Ry and his crew. The kids picked up where they left off in August and played and played.

Wednesday night Nat flew in and the cooking began...
The rest of the week was filled with eating, movies, family pictures, a baby shower and a stomach bug that passed through everyone:( It was still a great week! Thanks everyone for making the long trek to Kentucky! We loved having you!
and they all helped put up my Christmas...