Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas festivities

This year was our first year doing Christmas in Kentucky all by ourselves! I think it would have been harder if I hadn't been out in Utah the week before but really, Christmas this year was pretty great. We as a family decided what we wanted to do for the day and me being my mother's daughter - I love traditions - we will now do the same thing every year that we stay home for Christmas.

Christmas Eve morning we slept in until 9:30am -boys still on Utah time and I'm loving it! Got ready and went to breakfast at a donut shop. After we finished 7 doughnuts- we headed over to the bowling alley. Mac loved it and actually did pretty well- he got an 82.
Me and G opted to sit back and cheer for Mac and Dad. Every time one of them would bowl, G would scream "YES, YES, YYYYEEEESSSSSSS!" I got it on camera but can't figure out how to get it on my computer.

After, we went to McDonald's and got home where G and Drew took long naps and me and Mac cooked and cleaned.
Later that night we enjoyed a nice dinner with just our little family. Then went out to see the Christmas lights and made cookies for Santa.
Right before bed the boys got to open their books.

Wonder why I only get candid shots of my boys? Posing does not work for them:)
Drew thought it would be fun for them to sleep in our bed together. That lasted a whole 15 minutes. Mac came out crying after G had jumped on his head- naughty little thing.

Christmas morning I woke up to 3 inches of snow. At 9 I went and woke up the boys. They were so excited to see what Santa brought them.

Gray didn't open any of his presents on his own. "Dad, Please open this."

Christmas was a success! They loved everything they got and we have been reaping the rewards since. The boys have been entertained and happy as can be.


Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas eve traditions. You know you are offically grown up when you start doing Christmas on your own. Welcome to being an adult.:)

Rita said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas - we missed you here, but managed to carry on somehow. The games weren't quite the same without 'Drew the obnoxious' but the other guys did their part to take his place! Thanks for all the great pictures!

Roo said...

looks like Christmas was perfect. WE missed you. Can't wait for this little one to come! I think about you everyday wondering if today is the day :)

Cheryl said...

Loved seeing your holiday! We went bowling on New Year's Eve day too (then to Graeters, live it up right?!).

Loved the pirate ship. Matt has two of those. Got them off eBay years ago. They are our favorites.

And that pirate book is one of our favorites too. Couldn't see the other title. You'll have to tell me it since you can NEVER have enough children's books.

So fun to have a white Christmas. Glad it went so well (and no Christmas baby either!).