Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We love grandmas!

Another great visit from Grandma Rita! I'm lucky I love my in laws so much! I look forward to their visit almost as much as my boys do! We had a good weekend doing our normal routine. Grandma went to Gray's music class and got to go to our favorite Lexington library. She was able to see Mac play soccer and see where he goes to preschool. But the most exciting thing was that she got to see Mac in his primary program! When Mac wasn't head butting Mason, he sang the songs and confidently got up to the microphone and gave his part "My heart feels warm and peaceful when I feel the holy Ghost" He's a natural! When he was done, he ran right to grandma and gave her a hug. It meant a lot to have her there!

When G woke up from his nap he said, "Go see grandma at the airport!" He has been sad to say the least, luckily we will be seeing her in a short 6 weeks!

Grandma Rita, thanks for making the trip out here. We'll take ya anytime!