Friday, October 25, 2013

Mac's birthday weekend

My parents made their annual "birthday" visit and this time they brought my grandpa Heaps with them! He has wanted to come out since we moved here 8 years ago but because of health and other issues, he hasn't been able to come until now. We had a lovely time; Im so glad they all came out. 

They got in late Tuesday night so Wednesday we took it easy. Going to lunch with Mac and Gray and their friends Diago and Tyler.

It was fun to have grandpa and grandma at Gray's T-ball game

Thursday we went to Claiborne Farm. 

Grandpa and War Front, one of the top stallion in racing. 150,000 per breeding

Then off to Keeneland. We could not ask for better weather! 

Grandma is not above bribing 

Friday we went to Darley Horse farm

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Mac opening Grandma Rita and Grandpa Bret's birthday present 

 Friday night my parents and Drew took the kids to a corn maze.

Saturday Morning and the birthday boy!!! Opened presents, ate breakfast and ran to the boy's soccer games.


Visited Fort Boonesborough 

All Mac wanted to do for his birthday was go to Monkey Joes... He had a blast! 

4 generations

Sunday morning my grandpa flew home while my parents stayed her for the rest of the day. We went to church, rode bikes and made Mac a real birthday cake (that I didn't get a picture of). Once the kids fell asleep my parents drove to Indiana to do some work.

I was sad to see them go. It was such a blessing to have them here and I loved every second of it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Oh September! It was a good month. We started our month off with our annual Labor day Apple picking. We bought way too many apples but ended up eating almost all of them.

Back in May I sold our kitchen table. I had no idea that it would take me 4 months to find the perfect table! It was pretty embarrassing  having people over to our house for dinner and only having a card table to eat on. But it was worth the wait, we love the table and chairs!
We took advantage of "Act Like a Pirate Day" Krispy Kreme gave a dozen doughnuts to anyone who dressed up like a pirate. Crazy right? the kids loved it!

I turned 30!!! Drew went above and beyond to make my birthday perfect. He had the kids pick out cards and my favorite candy. Then the kids hid them around the house and gave me clues to where the treats were hidden. I woke up to notes all around the house. 30 memories of me that make him smile and 30 things he loves about me. and if that wasn't enough he got me 30 presents. they ranged from my favorite trashy magazine, to perfume to, gift cards, to my favorite candies. The whole thing was extremely thoughtful! Since my birthday was on saturday we had soccer games. but after that we went on a long date. SEriousy one of my best birthdays ever.

Annie adores Mac. But I don't blame  her. He is so patient with her, so kind and gentle. When she's sad, happy, needs anything, or just woken up she asked "Where's MAcky?" and Mac loves it. 

Uncle Pete came out and interviewed at UK Medical school. It was fun to show Pete around our  Kentucky home. We just found out they got into UK and we hope they end up living here! But if not we really enjoyed our weekend with him!

Almost every night in September was spent either watching Mac play coach pitch or Gray play T-ball. It was crazy but both boys loved it and learned a ton.
Annie painting her own nails

found darth vador at the arboretum.