Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I've been pretty lucky to have such wonderful women in my life that have shaped me into the person and mother I am today. Their examples have been priceless.
My mom obviously has played the biggest role in my life and everyday I try to be more like her. She's the most thoughtful person I know, she's taught me how to love and serve others. I try to be spontaneous like her and give gifts and cards to friends and family letting them know how much they mean to me. My grandmas played a huge role in my upbringing. I would spend days at my grandma Heaps house and I've picked up on some things that she did like listen to conference talks when I clean. She still listens to conference talks every night when she goes to sleep and when she cleaned her house she would watch BYU devotionals. She always found ways to invite the spirit into her home. Every Sunday we got to see my grandma McAllister. We would either go over to her house or she came to ours. But no matter where we were we played learning games or plain old card games, she always kept us entertained. I think of her when I'm teaching Mac a new game or reading to the boys. Rita is a great mom, she raised an amazing son and makes for a great mother in law. No matter what's going on in her life she always makes time to listen. I try to remember to just stop and listen to what my kids have to say.I love that I get to be a mom, it's been the biggest blessing in my life. I'm grateful for these and many other women who constantly show me how to be a better mother!

Happy Mother's Day!