Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Love this boy so much! We had a little party with all the family. All the Millar cousins came so there were lots of kids. We checked #2 and #3 off his lists and had a great time. 

He's home!

G waiting for Dave to come down 

Dave got all the kids wrestling masks 

Grandma's house

When we first landed in Utah my Dad took us to my grandma McAllister's home. I love her backyard.  So many childhood memories. We picked peas. the boys laid in the hammock, listening to grandma's stories. I was in heaven its been years sense I was in Utah during "pea season":) plus an afternoon with 0%  humidity- heaven! 

Her roses are beautiful! 

Flying to Utah

On June 11th we flew to Utah and I came prepared. Little Annie has not been the best flyer in the past so I was just a little nervous:) she ended up doing great. Playing with Ellie and eating candy non stop. Oh, and pretending she's a baby. Love her! 

The boys first 5k

Every year RJ corman puts on a free 5k but had never heard of it until this year- the night before the race to be exact. 

The boys did great, ran and walked the whole thing. Annie about killed me! She wouldn't sit in the stroller and when out of the stroller she did her own thing. Sometimes she walked. Sometimes she ran and sometimes she went off to pick flowers. The last half mile I forced her to sit in the stroller. She was not happy but we finished under an hour! 

Shaker village

Random May pics

Gray and Mac both played soccer and did great. They had really good coaches and learned a lot. 
Mac went to Art camp at SCAPA. He Loved it. It's a free camp that teaches, drama, art, dance and music. This street leads to the school. Lexington is beautiful. 
Annie fell asleep on me. This never happens 
Annie with her Ellie, she goes everywhere with this doll. And it's the uglies doll ever. 
It's hard being the little brother. Left out again. 

The powells  came for a 3 day visit! It was heaven! 
On a walk with dad
Let the swimming begin!