Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Hills

I'm so behind on blogging !!!!! 

Back in May we said goodbye to our friends, the Hills. After chad graduated from law school he excepted a job back in Utah.  For the last almost 2 years we have switched off babysitting for each other. After our dates we would put the kids to bed and play games. Cassie had become one of my closest friends. And our kids loved eachother too. It was/ is a really easy friendship. So when they were getting ready to move me and cass and 3 other friends went up to Louisville for a girls weekend. We ate ourselves silly, acted like teenagers in forever 21 and ended the night with karaoke. Such a fun night! After staying up until 4, we woke up early and went to the temple. It was a sweet experience. 

Saying goodbye was hard. One of the hardest goodbyes we've had to do. Gray has missed Carson so much. He 's had a tough time and has been really emotional and has been acting out. But he's getting better and having Mac home is helping too. 

The hills stayed at our house the last night. The boys loved it