Friday, November 27, 2015

Sunday drive

Sunday drive- Kentucky was absolutely beautiful this year. 


Evans orchard

Macs birthday weekend

Grandma and grabdpa Mcallister came to visit. Saturday was full of soccer games and visit to the berea art fair. 

Hiked to anglin falls 

Mac's birthday cake- he is loving Harry Potter. 
Golden snitches 

Mac's  stats at 9 years old 90 lbs and 58.4 inches- off the charts in both categories. 

Lunch visit

Mac started getting a tooth ache weeks before but it got really bad the day before his birthday. 2 days after his birthday he had to have 2 teeth pulled. He was swollen and bruised for days. 
Watching g play baseball. 

Grandma Rita and grandpa Dad visit

While grandma and grandpa were visiting we decided to go see Jed and his family in Ohio. We met them in Amish country - Berlin Ohio. Visited a farm, and ate yummy Amish treats then stayed over night in Columbus. 

Recharging grandpas battery for one more Grendel fedlemyer story. 
Watching Saturday morning cartoons. 
COSI museum in Columbus 

We had a blast spending time with family!!! 


I think this might be the only reason she helps make cookies. 

Walt cheering for gray! The minute starts clapping, Walt joins in. 
G was especially excited to finally finish the book of Alma. He wanted to send this picture to drew who was in a stake presidency meeting. 
Raw top roman is a family favorite- haha 
He's in full disaster mode! 
Mac's soccer team 
During macs soccer games g and his friends trade Pokemon cards in this trailer- very box car childrenish isn't it? 
Found this turtle in our yard. 
Walt loves animals and was freaking out being surrounded by ducks. 
Walt was watching an opera singer- he was mesmerized, doesn't this look like pure enjoyment?!