Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Park

It's warm, 74 degrees to be exact. I think I'm getting old, my life is consumed by the weather.
I look at my health and weather the same way. I don't appreciate it when it's good until it's bad.
Thinking that last week was the end of the beautiful fall weather, I packed up our summer clothes, turned on our heater only to be surprised by the warm front that came in. All week we have been going on walks, enjoying the outdoors because really, how long can this last? Yesterday we picnicked and today we took an hour long walk through the park. It was perfect!

"Wipe your nose with the tissue not the stick!"

warm weather and still insist on wearing his hood.

Mac says some pretty funny things and I tend to not write them down because 1. nobody thinks your kid is as funny or cute as you do and 2. I forget to but not today.
The other night we were watching Life and there was a segment on a lizard running on top of the water and Mac said "hey look mom, it's a Jesus Christ Lizard." I could not stop laughing, totally inappropriate coming from anyone other than an innocent 4 year old.

Mac went in for his 4 year check up... weight 47 lbs (gained 5 lbs this year) and 43.5" tall (grew 1.5 ") His favorite thing about the checkup, peeing in a cup! It's great being a boy!