Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today our little gray is 4!!! I guess he's not so little anymore... Gray is really a sweet kid. He was so excited for his birthday. Yesterday at 2 different times I heard him singing happy birthday to himself. When he woke up today he had the biggest smile on his face " mom it's my birthday!"
Gray is easy to please, I asked g what he wanted for his birthday and he said, "a bag of Cheetos that I don't have to share and a glow stick." he's a middle child!
It's been a week since I wrote that. Here's how g's birthday went...

We started the day off with G opening his presents and eating zucchini bread. Gray got costumes from grandma mom, Lego batman from Mac, a board game, smurfs the movie and Cheetos from mom and dad. After we finished opening presents we got ready to go camping. We met up with friends at Jelly stone park to continue the party!

With us there were 10 boys and only 3 girls!

Sweet Landon turned 1 on June 15 too. Annie loves Landon and Landon tolerates annie...
This is Annie at 1:00 am. After almost 2 hours of playing in the tent she finally fell back to sleep, snuggled up to Mac.

We loved every minute of our camping trip, even the sleepless night! Gray keeps talking about his camping birthday. It was a special day for G and I'm glad we could spend it with great friends. The next night we were all asleep by 9:45 and didn't wake up until 8! Camping, swimming, and playing sure wore us out!