Wednesday, June 24, 2009

random happenings

Happy belated Father's day to all the dads in our lives!

Sometimes you just got to let the water hit you in the face.
the cheering section
Still absolutely obsessed with my garden. All I need is a cat and I'll fit right in with the others.

I still love girl's camp. These cute young women needed rides down to Girl's Camp so Annie took my boys and I went to camp for the day. We went on a nice, SLOW hike. Some things just need to be done faster:) The girls were troopers.

Saw lots of bugs and a copperhead snake. Very poisonous.

You know you're in Kentucky when they have 2 milk jugs for a saving devise. "Don't play with these jugs they may save a life"
Mac still Loves Ike
and he's still not potty trained. Even after 5.5 hours sitting on the little potty, nothin. any tips?