Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blessing day

Sunday, March 27 Annie was given a name and a blessing

Annie was our first baby that was blessed in our Kentucky ward. I had mixed feelings about this. With the boys blessing we had both grandpa's, my grandpa and all the uncles. Blessing Annie out here I knew we would be lucky to get one of those men. Even though Annie wasn't surrounded by her family she had her dad, grandpa and friends. Friends that we've served with and friends that mean a lot to us. Annie cried through the whole blessing but I loved watching the men bounce her in the circle trying to calm her down. I'm grateful for a husband that lives his life in such a way that he's able to give our children these sweet blessings.
the Annies at home before the blessing
Grandma Rita

the grandkids holding hands....
Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Mom....
Drew's mom made Annie's dress. It was absolutely perfect!
The outtakes...
We are blessed to have such a supportive family!