Monday, January 23, 2012

Aunt Nat

A couple of weeks ago Nat called "Hey, can I come visit... next week!" Uh, ya! We were all excited but the boys were over the moon! The boys counted down the days to her visit and stayed up after 11pm to see her.
The kids took advantage of her- they were cuddled with, held and loved the entire weekend.
Drew has been wanting to go to the air plane museum and figured this was a good time...

G did not like being in this airplane and neither did the workers:)
simulator- mac was a crazy co pilot
We were all sad to see Nat go! It was a short trip but loved every minute she was here.

Annie's party

Annie's birthday bash was low key. We opened presents and ate cake and that pretty much sums up the night...

While she played the boys opened the rest of her presents

face time and the eating of the cake....