Monday, September 28, 2015


This is the place park- panning for gold 

Spent the morning with great grandma Mcallister 

Listening to great grandpa heaps war stories. 
Walt Bryce with great grandpa Bryce 
The hills came to visit us- we love them and miss them so much! 

Sundance, hiking and camping

I was so homesick for Utah- Utah's summers are the absolute best and those mountains 😍😍😍. 

Chairlift in sundance 

Stewart falls 


At uncle Pete's family concert. My kids adore their aunt Maggie. 

Fun to see the Jackson's there too. We miss them! 
Hours of play in the blowup water slide 

Road trip

A Tuesday afternoon, I texted drew "what's keeping us from driving to Utah?" And he replied "not much" by Wednesday night we had cancelled our plans here and decided to drive across the country Friday morning. We told Roo ( visiting from Houston)  and  Maggie we were coming but not to tell anyone. Friday we drove all the way to Denver - 18 hours in the car. The kids did awesome and I'm giving Harry Potter book 5 the credit. Such an entertaining  listen! 

They were shocked and lots of happy tears! 

Nat and Aaron

Nat got engaged in May to Aaron johns. We are so excited for them. They flew out for a day so we could spend time with Aaron before they get married in September. Aaron  was a huge hit, annie wouldn't leave him alone! They flew in Friday morning and we wisked them to raven run to hike for the afternoon. With all the rain we've had its the most beautiful I've ever seen. 

Rain rain

IWe've had so much rain- more days of rain than not. Most days we are able to go to swim team and then around 1 the storms roll in. All the rain has made Kentucky into a jungle. My garden is out of control! 

The boys found a frog in our backyard 
A morning without rain called for a run in the park! 

Grandpa and grandma mom and Scott come to visit

We couldn't get enough of the fireflies this summer! 

With Mac reading Harry Potter this summer he wanted to figure out how to play quiditch. Well, Joey and drew figured a way to play and taught us how. It was super nerdy but really fun. My mom totally got into it! 
Sunday bike ride 
Uncle Scotty comes! 
Hike to Evans mill in raven run 

Grandpa put on a firework show 

Reds game

Said our sad goodbyes to the grandparents but got to keep Scotty here for a bit longer. 
On the 4th of July we hiked to anglin falls. With all the rain we've had this summer these hikes were spectacular! 

Found 2 turtles, a newt and a frog 

Went over to polices for fireworks 
And for uncle scottys last day we went to the nicholasville pool. We loved having our visitors!!!