Sunday, November 1, 2009


After running the Louisville half with 12,000 other runners in 90 degree heat, I swore I would never run again, but I gave into peer pressure and Saturday I finished my second half marathon.

Getting ready to leave for the Preble Half Marathon in Eaton, Ohio.

On our way to the race. Some of us were excited:)
It was pretty cold. 48 degrees and WINDY!
At mile 3-4 feeling good and stripping off layers. Did I mention the race was out in the middle of nowhere?!
I finished in 2:04 (average 9:28). I beat my last time by 12 minutes. Honestly, now I'm a little bummed that I didn't make my goal (1:58) but at the time I couldn't have been happier with my finish. All this means is that I'll have to run another one:)
Our little running group at the finish line.Lora, Nancy, me, Angela N., Angela B. and AnnMarie.

Now onto the good stuff...
I couldn't wait to get home to Mac and Gray. Have you ever seen a cuter frog or snake?

This year Mac struggled with Trick or Treating. He would walk up to the door and then half the time wouldn't open his bag. When Drew tried to help, Mac would scream,"No, I don't want it!"
Once he found his friends, he warmed up to the neighbors.
Gabe introduced Mac at every door "This is Mac, he's my friend." So cute!

Mac sat and listened to Gabe explain to him why you don't run into the street. " You'll get hit by a car and probably die!" That kid cracks me up!

Gray running off with the candy. A great way to end a crazy day!