Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!!

Growing up, every year on St. Patrick's Day my mom would wake up before us and place a trail of little Leprechaun feet all over the house that led to the "Pot of Gold." It was usually filled with our favorite candies or green and gold treats. Later on, my Dad took over and it became a scavenger hunt with quite difficult poems that led us to the loot. In fact as of last year my parents were still doing this for my younger brothers that were in high school and college. I'm pretty sure my Dad enjoys this more than the little boys (yes I will forever call my younger brothers the little boys even though they are almost 18 and 20):)

I love traditions, so I was excited that Mac was old enough to enjoy this one. Gray had no idea what was happening, he just followed Mac around the house and loved what was at the end of the foot prints.

Mac had to touch every foot print

They got gold fish, candy, chalk, shovels and little dump trucks to play outside with!

Today is Grandma Rita's Birthday!
Drew couldn't ask for a better mom. I couldn't ask for a more patient mother in law. Mac and Gray couldn't ask for a more loving grandma! We love you and wish we were there to celebrate your big day!!!