Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Summer

The summers in Lexington are hot and humid and for some reason we love it. It does limit the activities we can do during the day...swimming.
We signed Mac up for swim lessons. He was super nervous the first day so he talked to the instructor before the lesson. "Excuse me teacher, excuse me, don't put my head under the water!" After the teacher promised he wouldn't Mac was ready for the lesson.

He held on tight.
After every one of his turns he looked back at me and gave me the thumbs up. I wish I got a picture of that, I was too busy cheering for him.

Summer nights...

This is Drew's first year playing softball with his firm. The miracle drugs are working and Drew is moving better than ever! Last night they had an early game so we went to cheer for Dinsmore!
Gray flirted with all the ladies.

Wondering what the band aid's for? Friday night he tripped while in the movie store and hit one of the shelves just right. He came out with an one inch cut right below his eyebrow. And after the game, G tripped walking to the car and cut open his lip. Good thing he heals nicely and he's so stinkin cute!
G cheered loud the whole game "Go Dadda, Go Dadda!" While Mac informed everyone about cats and dogs! Love my boys.
We ended up losing by 2 but they all played great!
Some nights we are lucky enough to be invited over to our friends houses for dinner. The Powells were nice to have all of us over for a Memorial day BBQ. We truly have been blessed to have such great friends.
thanks Nancy for the pics!