Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quick Trip to Utah

On the 10th me and the boys flew out to Utah. I was nervous flying 35 weeks pregnant with 2 crazy boys and with no help but the flight couldn't have gone better. The boys were excited to see their grandparents and they were on their best behavior.

The main reason we flew out was to see Peter and Annie get married...

The ceremony was beautiful and so was the couple.
Sisters-just missing Marianne
Millar family- minus Ben, Jed and Marianne- we missed them!
We ended up leaving cause Gray was a little snowball happy and that just made Mac not so happy
The reception...
You could find the boys watching the wedding video pretty much the whole night.
"oohing" every time the couple kissed:)
The wedding and reception was perfect and we are so excited to have another brother in the family! we love you Annie and Peter!
The week went really fast. Saturday I went to the temple with the Millars to see Annie get her endowments taken out. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had wedding things and my mom took the boys all those nights! It was so nice to have her around so I could be a part of everything. I got to see what it would be like to have family around to help and it was really nice! Thanks Mom.
While I was running around, my mom did some fun things with the boys. She got them the book "The Elf on the Shelf" It's a cute book about an elf that watched the boys all day and then at night goes back to Santa to report what he saw. Then in the morning the boys had to find the elf again. Mac and Gray loved it and so did we. Whenever they acted up we reminded them that Browny the elf was watching and they shaped up!
Friday we opened presents with my family and then Saturday before we flew out we opened presents with the Millars. We basically had 3 Christmases this year. We were totally spoiled by both families.

We loved every minute we were in Utah. It was great seeing family and being a part of Annie's wedding. Now we are home, organizing, cleaning and getting ready for our new arrival...


Anonymous said...

Finally, I've been waiting to see these pictures! Annie looks beautiful!! Fun Trip, but glad you're back.

Cheryl said...

I love the pictures of Annie! She's looks beautiful.

A few of my friends in Utah to Elf on a Shelf. My boys were too old to start when I heard about it, BUT I know a lot of good behavior can be achieved if the kids know Elf is watching... great idea I'd say!