Monday, October 26, 2009


My cousin Stacey came out for ten days and it went by fast. She was super laid back and had her own car which= an easy guest. Even with two crazy, ornery at time boys we were able to do a lot with Stace. Since Keeneland was on we went to the races. The cold rain scared everyone away so we had a smoke free afternoon:)

Drew was able to come to a couple of races.

Thanks Spacey for the pop corn. Mac was thirsty and wanted whatever the guys next to us were drinking and Stace told him it wasn't juice but Bud Wiser and Mac started yelling "I want Bud Wiser!" Not something you want your 3 year old asking for.

We went to Cincinnati. It was cold and thankfully we had just hit up the Gap Clearance Center and got hats for the boys.
Eastern KY, Red River Gorge. Nanda Tunnel comes out of no where. It's amazing.
inside the one lane Nada tunnel
Stopped to "Hike" around.

G found a Katydid which he later smashed.

I think after this trip Stacey is so thankful she's single and childless!! We had a fun 10 days, thanks Stacey for coming!


Katie Blacker said...

you guys always seem to have visitors. How fun! I have heard and can see through your awesome pics that Kentucky is a beautiful place. I can't wait to come visit!

Anonymous said...

Love the cute Gap hats!

NanaBabs said...

Looks like fun! Love the "Spacey" name - Mac calls it like he sees it... (Love you Stacey!)

Roo said...

how fun!!

Stace said...

i had a blast! and it was everything i needed my vacation to be! thanks again for letting me stay at your home and get to know your boys! you guys are awesome!