Tuesday, July 8, 2014

G turns 6

For grays 6 the birthday he wanted a mad scientist party. We invited 10 of his friends and waited for the big day - this was the hardest part:) the party was crazy! The kids all got their own goggles and we did experiments with them. It was a hit! 

G's birthday fell on Father's Day this year. Mac and gray sang a duet in church/ it ended up being a solo by Mac but he did great- we were really proud of them! 
It's fitting that gray was born on Father's Day. He is a daddy's boy. Drew knows how to settle him down and when gray hasn't seen drew for a couple of days ( due to late meeting or out of town) he gets irritable and quite difficult to be around. He needs his dad. 

Gray is such a funny kid. Loves telling jokes but can't get the words out cause he's laughing so hard. He can make friends easily. When you first meet gray he's shy but shortly after getting to know him, he'll talk your ear off. I love this kid so much. So glad he's in our family! 


Annie said...

I love hearing about him telling jokes! That sounds like grandma Rita's way of telling jokes. What a sweet boy!

Aunt Amy said...

What a sweetheart you have there! Hope you had a great birthday, Gray!