Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Journal post and S'mores

Mac loves the play room. When me and Drew go up there to play with him he gets so excited and pulls all his books and toys out. He wont let us put anything away while he's in the room. We have to wait until he's asleep to clean. If we try to leave he says "sit."

Mac has been talking a lot. His 2 favorite words are... frog (sounds like the "F" word) and GG (Gray). I love that he came up with this name for Gray on his own even if it does sound like an old Italian women's name.
The other day Mac was playing with a paper towel roll and got his hands stuck. Me being the mean mom I am, took a picture first, instead of helping him:)
Mac still LoVeS his blanket. He takes it everywhere, he even eats with it. He finds the corner and just smells and he relaxes, it's an all natural fix. Lately I haven't been letting him take it out of the house. So when I tell him to "leave the blanket." He grabs the corner and takes one big breath in and drops it. Pretty weird but cute.

Gray just went for another check up. Yes, I was only a month late getting him his 2 month check up. It's a long story, I'm just glad I LOVE this Dr!Gray weighed 16 lbs and 7 ounces (82%) and 26.5 inches long (95%). Despite him being a stubborn nurser he is still growing and healthy.

The other week I was on the phone with my mother in law when these baby squirrels came out of no where. Cute but a little scary. See, they're not afraid of humans yet. So they kept following me. One waited for me at our front door for hours. Well, Drew was doing yard work the next day and found all five of them dead. It would have been more sad but there are way too many squirrels out here. They're kind of a nuisance.

The other night we went over to our friends house for s'mores.

Nance and Gray
Mac is obssesed with Josh. When he sees Nancy or Josh he says" Josh?" (one of the few names he can say) Ella was mimaking Mac in the picture. When she fish hooked her mouth and talked she sounded exactly like Mac. She ran around saying "Josh, Josh" just like Mac did. It was hillarious.


Eric and Jenny said...

I think it's darling Mac named Gray, there is just nothing sweeter. We have called Luke ever since he was born Lou because that is all Lance was able to say at the time. The name has totally stuck and now that is all we call him, Luke sounds almost foreign now.

Eric and Jenny said...

Sorry I meant that he calls him GG not that he named him Gray, that came out wrong!

Kacey said...

Hey Ash. Mac is growing up so fast I love the pic of him of getting his had stuck-so something hayden would do. Hope all is well

Joy said...

Vey cute! I can't believe how big Gray is! I am glad his is growing so well. That's such a funny picture with Mac's hand stuck in the paper towel roll!

Karrissa Winward said...

I love that he smells his blanket. McKinley picks at hers and then sticks the fuzz behind her binky! So weird! I love that Mac calls him GG and he is so cute!

Roo said...

SO i love all the updates. YOu need to do this everyother day so I feel like I am right there. I'll do it for LU you do it for your boys.:) Gray is so handsome. He changes every picture you post! I miss you guys. PS you are looking ADORABLE!

katie and beej said...

K-loved the blanket fix. I can totally see him doing it now, all dramatic like:) We love those boys and wish Emmy could see her cousins, but all in good time right... Emmy has been making faces lately that remind me so much of Gray, it makes me miss him! Love you guys!

jenni kaufusi said...

ash i know we talk every birthday and i didn't call. Sorry and happy belated birthday. Love you so much. i need your email address.