Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Conference Sunday

We got back from Nashville late Saturday night or rather early Sunday morning. So all day Sunday we watched conference and took long naps. After conference we loaded the kids in the stroller and walked down to the duck pond.

They loved the ducks

Lucy was so funny, she kept turning around trying to get in the pond.

We had so much fun with Ryan, Roo and Lucy. Mac woke up from his nap Monday asking where Roo, Lucy and Uncle Ry were. After telling him again that they went on airplane he asked if he could go on an airplane too. He loved playing with them. We are crossing our fingers that they end up coming out here for school but understand if they don't. They are off to Rochester and Ithaca to check more schools. They have one tough decision to make.

Thanks for coming out and letting us go to Nashville with you! Love you.


Karrissa Winward said...

How fun is that for them to visit! Is Ryan getting his masters?

Ashlee said...

Ya, his MBA.

Cheryl said...

You were on my mind all day and I never got a chance to call you. I was dying to hear how the trip went, but your pictures were better than words!

You hit all the hot spots and it looked like so much fun! It is always so fun to spend time with family.

And after your lists of Andrew Jackson facts, we'll just have to cross Drew off the list of possible names for this baby boy. Who wants to be named after a jerk? I guess we could just say he was named after Drew Millar and then it would be perfect. Right?

I'll call you and catch up. Miss you!

Roo said...

cute ash. the weekend was so dang fun. Lucy misses "Nac" and "G" :)
great pictures