Monday, July 6, 2009

Biltmore Village and Fish hatchery

The Biltmore village reminded me of Park City. It was filled with yummy restaurants, art galleries and great shopping. All the buildings looked like old Swiss shops. We enjoyed window shopping and eating Blueberry pie ice cream.
Mac and Gray posing on the bench Mac referred to as "My size"

The fish Hatchery
Saturday we headed towards the hills of North Carolina. The drive alone was amazing. The Smokey Mountains are beautiful! We visited the fish hatchery in the Pisgah Canyon. Mac loved it. We fed the fish and went on a nature walk.
Annie and her beloved brown trout
Mac singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or rather how he says it"The a.b.c.d spider"



Ash, you take cute pictures and looks like you had a fun time. You are looking so skinny.

Roo said...

I love all the pictures! Love G's hair cut. Loved the 4 of july stuff. love it.
Random question: where did you take your picture with the Millars? My family is taking some and i remember you saying you loved where you went.