Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Drew and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day. I really don't like the holiday, maybe it's because in 3rd grade my then boyfriend Chris C. embarrassed me in front of all my friends by giving me chocolates or was it all the countless Valentine's Day stressing about it whether I did or didn't have a boyfriend. Luckily, Drew feels the same way. So when we were planning our wedding we purposely put it 2 days before Valentine's Day so we would never have to celebrate it again. Just kidding, we just wanted a 3 day weekend and Drew really likes Abe Lincoln.

Five years ago on a very snowy wet day I became Mrs. Drew Millar.
Friday night we went out to dinner and as always Drew humored me, by answering all my questions like, "favorite memory of our wedding Day." or "Favorite moment of the past five years?" The love sappy questions that he usually gets annoyed with any other day except for our anniversary. As he answered them I couldn't help but think 1, how little I knew Drew when we got married and how much our love has grown over the years and 2, how grateful I am to have been able to share so many amazing moments with him.
The past five + years have been pretty great, can't wait to see what the next five bring! Love you Drew!
Friday we went to a play group at the church. Mac had been looking forward to this all week and it didn't' disappoint. We decorated Valentine bags, made and passed out valentines, decorated cookies, and played games.

Ike sat and took pictures of Mac eating his cookie, a little creepy:)

cute little Lily
G after his cookie
The boys chased and threw bean bags at each other.
Nothing like spending the morning with 38 kids and their moms!

We got more snow yesterday, so this is what we did...

somebody Loves Elmo!


Amanda said...

He looks like one of the Queen's Guards! Too cute!

Eric and Jenny said...

Happy anniversary! Isn't it the truth you think you know each other when you are newlyweds but it's nothing compared to now and I just imagine how I will feel 50 years from now!

katie and beej said...

Oh that picture makes me miss G. Him and his Elmo obsession is still HILARIOUS!!! I am glad you guys had a good anniversary I thought about you this weekend and am grateful you are a part of the Millar family. We love you guys!

Roo said...

I love the pictures!!! You look fabulous!

NanaBabs said...

The Millars in Utah are so grateful that you joined us 5 years ago Ashlee! You make us better than we have ever been - thanks for loving our son! (and making such beautiful babies)