Friday, May 14, 2010

Just what we needed!!!

2 weeks ago I texted my mother in law...

Me: I just bought fabric to make curtains for Mac's room. How soon can you get here? Ha Ha!

Mom:How does tomorrow sound?

Me: Sounds too good to be true!

Mom:Ya it is. Maybe in two or three weeks.

Me: Perfect

Later that day I got a call from mom, she found plane tickets for her and Dad for the following week. YES!!!!!

Most of the week consisted of Lowes. Grandpa Dad built Mac and G a little ship in the back corner of our backyard. It turned out adorable and they love playing on it.

the guys building the ship

The finished product!!!
The telescope
Mac refers to himself as captain Mac

While the guys were outside the ladies (mom) sewed pillows and curtains for mac's room, curtains for the kitchen, the cute little flags on the ship and some how we found time for pedicures:)

It's hard to get a good picture of the curtains because of the lighting. This picture does not do it justice they are so stinkin cute! They complete his room.

Last week me and the boys painted these signs and the crocheted dinosaurs Amy made look so cute up there.
The kitchen curtains.

Saturday we gave our slaves a rest, we went to the farmers market and to see the filly.
We had fabulous week. We obviously got a lot done (it's great marrying into a talented family:)). We ate and ate. We played. Really, the 6 days went by way too fast. This visit was much needed. The boys loved showing grandma Rita and Grandpa dad all their things and having them all to their selves. We love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Will they adopt me....please!!

jenni kaufusi said...

how lucky are you. the ship, curtains, pillows, and paintings are so adorable. i'm so jealous i love the orange and white strips.

Tiffany said...

the stripe curtains look fantastic! Where did you end up finding the fabric?

Jaimee Blood said...

That ship is so fun! Perfect thing for two boys for this summer!It's fun that Grandpa made it for them too.

Jen Rutter said...

What great in laws you have! Love everything!

Angela said...

So cute! I love the orange stripes! ...just when I thought your house couldn't get any cuter it did!

luke & sammy said...

I love it all! I am going to have to copy the ship idea once we get huse I love it-so creative!